*You must pay for the ink and paper.

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This is a very cheap way of making warhammer 40k drop pods, you can make tons of them very quickly and inexpensively. It takes me about 10 minutes to construct one.

Leave a comment if you want it a different colour to match your army’s colour scheme and I will email you a copy with freshly coloured paintwork.

Save one of these images to your computer. (choose whatever colour you like)

Print it on thin card or thick paper, cut in out keeping the tabs intact.

fold everything inwards. For each tab: apply a thin layer of PVA glue to the tab then stick it onto the main model.

Enjoy! Any comments, feedback, ideas for improvement or constructive criticism are greatly appreciated!

Example of finished model:

How I made the model

I first made some prototypes in blender to get the main shape.

I then used the unfold python script to get a paper model template from these 3d models.

Using these templates, I painted in the detail with the Gimp from scratch.

base .blend files can be downloaded from here (4 mb):